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Specialists In Architectural Design

Determine the feasibility of your build, seamlessly manage your budget and bring your project to life through our tailored architectural design in Leicester. Working closely with you to understand your vision, we ensure that your design needs are fulfilled down to the finest details while offering invaluable support along the way. From concept development to gaining planning approval, you will be paired with an experienced, skilled advisor throughout your project, allowing each stage to be seamlessly executed.

Experienced Site Surveyors

Understanding the logistics behind your project has never been easier, thanks to the expertise of our site surveyors in Leicester. By beginning the process with an in-person visit to your site, our surveyors will run through topics that you may have yet to consider, ensuring that you are fully prepared to overcome any hurdle you may encounter. Just some of these topics include the following:

  • Technical Specifications
  • Environmental Impact
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Government Grants
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Legal Requirements

We Proudly Maintain A 95% Approval Rate!

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Visualise Your Project Through Architectural Modelling

Our architectural modelling in Leicester remains one of our most popular services as it allows our clients to visualise how their property will look on completion. From the brickwork, windows and doors to the interior design, every detail can be showcased through interactive 3D designs. This ensures you are 100% happy with the results before beginning construction. Many different visualisation options are available, such as:

  • Rendered before and after images
  • 3D floor plans
  • Building walkthroughs and flythroughs
  • 360° panoramic views

Benefits Of Our 3D CAD Modelling

Not only is our 3D CAD modelling in Leicester ideal for envisioning your project in detail, but it also proves hugely beneficial when you move on to the construction stages. Every CAD model is exclusively unique to your project, and you are free to make as many or few changes as you wish before finalising.

  • Detect flaws or potential issues and rectify them before construction commences
  • Devise a clear roadmap for the build and maximise productivity
  • Create detailed drawings to use in planning applications and increase approval chances

Why Choose Our Architectural Services?

The versatility of our architectural services in Leicester means that they are suited to projects of all scales and complexities, whether you are building an extension or designing your new home from scratch. More benefits include:


Free Site Visit

Unlike other architect technicians in Leicester, we begin every project with a free site visit to discuss your project in detail and allow you to get to know our team, values and processes before starting the build.


Honest Advice

We believe that transparency is vital to project success, which is why we will always be 100% honest if we feel something is not totally feasible and could be better handled in a different way.


High Reputation

We are proud to have built an exceptional reputation for our bespoke architectural services in Leicester and continue to have many clients who choose Amico Design Architecture time and time again.

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