Building Regulations

The UK building regulations, otherwise known as approved documents, are a collection of standards to which all building design and construction works must adhere to. These apply to all but the smallest of building works, therefore it is important to know when approval is needed and also to have an in depth knowledge of the requirements.

As part of the service here at Amico Design, we will manage and submit any building regulations approval applications on your behalf and act as your agent throughout the process. Building regulations approval applications can be submitted to and determined by local authorities or approved private inspectors. We have developed great professional relationships with both, and we have experience across a wide range of projects which equips us to handle any complex requirements.

Building regulations are a set of detailed technical standards split into appropriate sections known as ‘parts’ from part A to R. This series of documents detail the required criteria for all aspects of the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety, comfort and health for people in or about those buildings as well as ensuring that current thermal performance and required energy efficiencies are achieved.

They also include requirements to ensure that structural integrity, drainage provisions, fire safety and facilities are provided for people, including those with disabilities, to access and move around inside buildings.

Building regulation approval is a separate entity to planning approval and as a rule of thumb is required even when planning permission is not. Download our guide to building regulations approval.

Complying with building regulation requirements is the responsibility of the person carrying out the building work and, if they are not the same person, the owner of the building. Failure to do so can lead to prosecution through the magistrates’ court.

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