The definition of the planning application is simple – it is a formal request for permission from the local authorities to build something new, or add something to a building that already exists.

Whether you need planning permission will depend on a number of variables, including the size of the project and planning policies for your local authority. If you do need planning permission, you will quickly realise that planning applications can be rather tedious and complex, but we help this process be as smooth as possible for our clients.

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As part of the service here at Amico Design, we will make any relevant planning applications on your behalf and act as your agent throughout the process.

Your local council will usually have a two week validation period and the application will be reviewed within 10-12 weeks after which you will receive a decision notice.

For clients, planning applications can be challenging and the quality and accuracy of information submitted is key in gaining planning permission. At Amico Design, we make the process simple and stress free by submitting and managing this stage for you.

Download our our step-by-step guide to submitting a planning application.

When preparing a planning application submission, we will usually need to prepare the following package of information:

Whilst planning applications aren’t always guaranteed to be approved, our team has the relevant experience and knowledge to ensure your proposals are approved.

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Amico Design | Architectural Design | Planning Consultants

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Amico Design | Architectural Design | Planning Consultants

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